Sunday, September 7, 2008

Make Solar Panels - Learn how to build a Solar Panel.

With the global economy experiencing downward trends as a result it is having an effect on living costs like Petrol, Gas, oil, and even Power. Due to these spirialing trends in the economy consumers like you and me are looking to alternative methods like renewable energy to provide an affordable option.

One example of renewable energies is solar power. This method is quickly gaining popularity among home dwellers and businesses due to it being environmentally friendly and providing cheaper power 24 hours of the day. People that have used solar energy have experienced saving up to 80% in monthly power bills and also being less reliant on the national power grid.

Most people bauk at the thought of solar power panels due to its cost to install and maintain but thats only if you're thinking of buying a commercial unit which you can expect to pay $3000 upwards. Instead of buying one you can actually learn how to make solar panels and spend as little $200 to make them and produce the exact power output as a commercial system.

It doesn't take much to build a solar panel system and you'l be surprised with the things you use to create one which can be done with basic materials.

All you need to make a solar panel for homeuse is a easy to understand guide like Earth4Energy which was written by Micheal Harvey an Energy Enthusiast who mades a detail instruction manual about how to make solar panels and also make wind mill generators to power your home or office workspace.

To get your copy of Earth4Energy -> Click Here


Anonymous said...

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Jennifer Long said...

Great article! How who said that setting up your own personalize home solar panels could be costly? Solar panels can save up your electrical bill up to 70%!

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